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  1. retinens said: Top left are beauties!
  2. kintsukoroi-faun said: top right or bottom left
  3. amelodyineverything answered: LOVE the bottom left.
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  7. shootforthestarwars answered: top right!!
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  10. does-not-suffice answered: bottom left!
  11. vincent-van-gogh-to-hell said: can’t you send the sketch and then not send a finished design until after you’re paid?
  12. au-mieux said: The Bass shoes. Better make, will last longer. I tend to opt for brown leathers because I have an earthier, more bohemian pallete, but go for black if your wardrobe is more chic and streamlined.
  13. au-mieux answered: the bass shoes, Better make, will last longer. I tend to opt for brown leathers and have an earthier pallete, but if you want chic go black.
  14. the-moon-island answered: Black one at the bottom :)
  15. givemeallthebaconandeggs said: Top right
  16. offbeatearthangel said: Top right :)
  17. steadilypurexed said: Bottom left
  18. soldtothedevil answered: bottom left
  19. notoriiouslyunknown said: Top right are rad!
  20. reasonableamountofchaos said: bottom left
  21. thinkofsnow said: Top right!
  22. leandie answered: Either top right or bottom left.
  23. littleyellowfirelights answered: Black goes with so many different things…but those gray babies, though. Eeesh. That’s so hard.
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